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Do you need an app testing tool that can keep your files in order, your projects deadlines met and your software to gold in less time than what you are used to? Tracking changes from multiple developers hardly requires a complicated system or multiple project managers; all it takes is a web based software testing and management tool. Why web based? A browser app is needed to keep all of the files from outsourced programmers across the world all in one place and organized.

The worst thing that can happen to an app project is a breakdown in collaboration. Finally, there is a software management tool that keep all file changes up to date in real time, thus reducing any code errors or damage to safe sourced code. These are the basics of project management all built into one piece of software that will change the way you develop apps forever.

Find out more with an overview of this app testing software, designed to make your games and gaming projects run more smoothly and efficiently. Once you have an overview of how our app testing software can help you, you’ll start to come up with ideas of how to spend all of the free time you will have.

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We make test apps for gaming software, and mangement tools.

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